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The First Lady of Texas
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October 17, 2010 Chaf-In made a new friend. Out on the campaign trail Governor and Mrs Anita Perry made one stop in Cleburne where they joined over 150 supporters at Chaf-In. Even though they spent almost an hour talking and taking pictures with supporters, they did not have the time to eat in Cleburne. Chaf-In provided to go containers of turkey and dressing for the Governor and Mrs Perry to eat at a later time that day. Mrs Perry thanked Dan Roberts for the food and stated "she would not have to prepare dinner tonight." I quess the governor's chefs get Sunday off?? lol Then on October 23rd Chaf-In received a very warm letter from the First Lady of Texas. This was a first for Chaf-In in its 90 years of preparing food for the people of Texas and Johnson County, now we can add prepared for the Governor of the GREAT State of TEXAS and the First Lady, too! Remember when you go and vote this year...Texas needs to Keep ANITA as TEXAS' First go ahead and vote for Rick Perry.