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Ben Bishop Celebrates 80th Birthday
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On the evening of August 5th we celebrated Ben Bishop's 80th birthday with cake and ice cream for everyone. Ben is the very capable evening cashier at Chaf-In. He is known as the tall older man at Chaf-In and is always cleaning and putting things back into their proper places.

Even though Ben looks like a retired preacher, he has never been one. He grew up in a family that own a restaurant or two and he has even owned one in Cleburne several years ago himself. He is best known in the business world as the owner of GoodTime Vans, a conversion van company he started in Arlington many years ago and eventually moved to Grandview.

He works at Chaf-In assisting in many ways just to get out and keep busy. He is faithful to eat his veggies everyday and that is his claim to a long and healthy life. If you watch closely, he does it some junk occassionally, but still he is able to maintain his 200 pounds at 6 foot 4 inches.

Drop by and get to know he quite a character.