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Downtown Cleburne Gets Another Mural
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The old Central Texas Bus Lines Depot is getting a new mural on the east wall. People traveling through Cleburne on Highway 67 were once accustomed to seeing the big blue and white Flxible bus heading north on Robinson Street painted on the building. The painting disappeared years ago. Dan E Roberts, owner of the building presently, has brought the bus back for all to remember and for the newcomers to the area to learn of Cleburne's colorful history. Roberts commissioned local artist Stylle Read to paint a modern day version of the Flxible bus and depot. The mural will depict a typical day in the early 1950's when local residents used the bus line to travel to Fort Worth, Dallas and points beyond. You will see passengers boarding the bus and a 1953 Plymouth. In the background you will see a "soda water" delivery truck (Dr Pepper) making its rounds in Cleburne. Old houses in the background add to the scenery. There will be a written history detailing the Hyde family of Cleburne and their contributions to Johnson County.