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What People Remember About the Chaf-In Over the Years
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Gay Renae Norman: Went to lunch there in Jr. High, I believe. I remember we would order 4 rolls and bowl of gravy. I have been eating the chicken fried steak there since the 70s at least. Maybe the 60s.

Jason Banton:Best hangover food ever.

Donna Gail Given Cook:I love the trout! My family & I ate there for years. I live out of state now, but when I come to town, Chaf-In and Morris Neal's are two places I have to eat. Last time I was there, you had remodeled. It looked so much bigger.

Cheryl Westphal St.Clair:Love the calm owner!!!!!!

Dale Martin:Believe it or not had been at least 35 years since I had eaten at the "Chaf-In" . Way back in the sixties used to eat there cause it was one of the few "sit down" restaurants in the area and the food was always good.
My mom and her friend, Loretta used to eat there just
about every payday back when they both worked at Brandom's. Took her there this week twice and she left... Read More
"stuffed" both times.

Murray Holland:Chaf-In was a favorite of my grandparents Clayton and Mamie Holland . I have many good memories of time spent with them eating at Chaf-In . My Parents George and Nancy also took our family there quite often . Many good memories.

Joe GarrettI went there for lunch everyday when I was in high school. 95 cents got me a hamburger, fries, and an iced tea. At the end of the week I had enough on my lunch ticket for a chicken fried steak. Yum!

Chanda Roe:Well like some others I went there - and dairy queen - some when i was in hs - many years ago . it was close safe and good food. Now today it is really nice - the food is better the decor is wonderful and i get to see my brother - Danny. yea

Dale Martin:Used to be THE place to eat back in 1967, unless you were in a real big hurry and just wanted a hamburger.You could get a greasy hamburger at "The Texan" or
a good hamburger at the Chaf- In for just a bit more.
Also... used to work with a man by name of Otis Chafin....
He always said he was related to the original owners
of the "Chaf-In". So, I guess the owners were Chafin
and that's how the name came to be?